Moustafa Ismail boasts the largest biceps in the world

Moustafa Ismail, a 24-year-old Egyptian bodybuilder has recently claimed the Guinness record for world’s largest biceps. His bulging arms measures 31 inches (78 cm) across. Mostafa Ismail has spent the past 10 years pumping iron at least twice a day. He started bodybuilding about ten years ago to simply get fit. But after he started getting compliments on his bulging biceps, he decided to focus on making them even bigger.

Moustafa Ismail eats as much as 3lbs of chicken, 1lbs of steak or fish and four cups of almonds washed down with two gallons of water and three litres of protein shakes a day. | Site Maintained by Shyam Srinivas | Admin Login
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