Largest Barbie Doll collection by Bettina Dorfmann

Bettina Dorfmann, has collected 6,025 Barbie dolls, worth £100,000 setting the world record for the Largest Barbie doll collection. The obsessed Barbie fan keeps the dolls in a bedroom, her cellar and half the kitchen in her house. She plans to boast a collection of at least 10,000 dolls. She started collecting Barbies from 1993 and doesn't plan on ever ending her quest for new additions. Her first one was a rare Midge doll, brought out by Mattel in 1963 and marketed as Barbie's best friend. She has even set up a repair service with people sending her dolls from all across the world. Bettina Dorfmann says she will not stop collecting Barbies until she dies. | Site Maintained by Shyam Srinivas | Admin Login
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