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Lemon Festival opens in Menton, Southern France

The 79th Annual Lemon Festival opens in Menton, southern France. Around 145 metric tons of lemons and oranges were used to make displays during the festival, which is themed "The regions of France," and runs from February 17 through March 7.

The peculiar festival originates from 1929 when Menton became Europe's premier producer of lemons. The local Hotel Riviera launched the festival to celebrate the first flowering of the citrus fruits. Since then the celebration has grown to include wagons decorated with citrus fruit parading through the streets.

Locally the festival is known as Fete du Citron and this year it celebrates the different regions of France.

Volkswagen’s new car delivery center

There are two 60-meter-high transparent building in Wolfsburg, Germany, it is Volkswagen’s new car delivery center. The two Resembling 20-story building looks like exist in the future, the overall appearance is transparent, you can see expensive luxury car from the outside.

In each building is equipped with 400 new Volkswagen. These cars are manufactured in Wolfsburg, then are directly transported to the underground parking lot by a conveyor belt. There is an internal mechanical columns in the center of transparent building, with a mechanical robot hand on it, robot hand transported new cars in underground garage to the upstairs showroom at speed of 2 meters per second.

About 600 cars are sold from here everyday, which also makes this stunning building become the world’s largest car show auto trading center. Last year, 175,893 new cars sold here.

This cool two 20-storey building has also become one of the shooting scene in the film Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise "Mission Impossible 4."

Happy Birthday Facebook!!!

On February 4, 2004, Zuckerberg launched the Addictive Social Media Network today known as facebook. Wishes you Merry Christmas!!! | Site Maintained by Shyam Srinivas | Admin Login
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