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Hotel offers free meal to guests to generate electricity

The Crown Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, is offering a free meal to any guest who is able to produce electricity for the hotel on an exercise bike attached to a generator. Guests will have to produce at least 10 watt hours of electricity - roughly 15 minutes of cycling for someone of average fitness. They will then be given meal vouchers worth $36 (26 euros).

Angry Birds now available on Facebook

The most famous and most downloaded game on Apple app store and Android market yes,  Angry Birds is one of the best game ever is now available for play on the world’s biggest social networking site Facebook.  So what you are waiting for??? let's go and play your favorite game on your favorite social networking site.

So don’t wait more and just click on below link and play your first Angry birds game on facebook.

Enjoy the game and don’t forget to share your experience by sharing the message to all.

The Facebook Identity Card - Tobias Leingruber

Tobias Leingruber has developed the idea of Facebook ID cards. The card contains all the information displayed on your Facebook profile.

The project is running by the name of FB Bureau. What is most interesting is how Leingruber refers to Facebook users as "Facebook citizens" rather than users.

Facebook ID cards display your real name, username, gender, location, the date you joined and a QR card that will send people directly to your profile, or "identification".

2012 Light Festival @ Ghent, Belgium

Just like fireworks, originally used in celebrations to reach up to and greet the spirits in the sky, this LED-light cathedral aimed VERY VERY high! We're not sure if it was visible from space (or higher) but it certainly glowed brightly.

More than half-a-million people were drawn to the Luminaire De Cagna LED-light display at the 2012 Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium. Luminaire De Cagna became the main attraction of the Festival that included more than 30 other displays and exhibitions.

Constructed of wood, covered with 55,000 LED lights and reaching 28 meters (92 ft.) into the sky above Belfortstraat, the Romanesque cathedral-like Luminaire De Cagna used only 20 kWh of energy. | Site Maintained by Shyam Srinivas | Admin Login
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