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Save the Environment for our future Generation.

Do you know, In USA alone the number of Plastic Bottles of water used in a year is more than 39 Billion. Now think about the number for all the countries in the world every year.

If all these Plastic Bottles don't go for proper recycling, they are polluting Rivers, Seas, Lands everything...

Many of them can not readily be digested for many years under River water/soil and can be harmful for our Biological Ecosystem.

So, please don't throw out ur empty Cans/Bottles anywhere, through them in proper Dustbin, so they can be collected for recycling.....

Your consciousness can help our Environment clean!!!

A Salute to Women!!!

When I was born, a woman was there to hold me
♥ My Mother ♥

I grew as a child, a woman was there to care for me and play with me
♥ My Sister ♥

I went to school, a woman was there to help me learn
♥ My Teacher ♥

I became depressed whenever i lost, a woman was there to offer a shoulder
♥ My Love ♥

I need company, compatibility & love, a great woman was there for me
♥ My Wife ♥

I became tough, a woman was there to melt me
♥ My Daughter

♥ Proud if u are a WOMEN and Respect if you are a MAN ♥

Save Trees!!! Every Leaf traps CO2

Why MOM is so SPECIAL!!!

When I came completely wet from College while it was heavily raining

Bother asked "Why don't you take umbrella?"

Sister advised "Why didn't you wait till rain stopped?"

Dad angrily warned "When you get cold, you will realize"


Mom, drying my hair said "Stupid Rain... Couldn't it wait till my child reaches home!!!"

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