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The Ancient Theater of Epidaurus near Athens Greece

The Ancient Theater of Epidaurus near Athens Greece was constructed in the late 4th century BC and is one of the best preserved ancient theaters. Even in ancient times, the theater was considered to have great acoustics. The actors can be perfectly heard by all 15,000 spectators without amplification. To demonstrate the theaters great acoustics tour guides have their groups scattered in the stands and then show them how faint sounds can be heard at center-stage.

How this sound quality was achieved? In 2007 researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have discovered that the limestone material of the seats provide a filtering effect suppressing low frequencies of voices, thus minimizing background crowd noise so the seats act as natural acoustic traps. It is still unknown whether the acoustic properties are the result of an accident or the product of advanced design.

The Inverted Tower - Sintra, Portugal

An underground tunnel with a spiral staircase, supported by carved columns, down to the bottom of the well through nine landings. The nine hole round landings, separated by fifteen steps, evoke references to Dante's Divine Comedy, and may represent the nine circles of hell, paradise, or purgatory.

The well is connected to laberíticas caves that lead to a spooky garden surrounded by a lake.

The Earth Platinum - World’s largest atlas

The world's largest ever atlas has today been unveiled at the British Library in London. The record-setting Earth Platinum atlas, one of only 31 copies in existence, measures 1.854m x 1.45m with a depth of 6cm and required six members of Library staff to carry its 200kg weight through the doors. Launched by Australian publishers Millennium House, theEarth Platinum, consists of 61 pages of maps, all of which are produced using satellite images and another photographic technique which overlays thousands of photographs into a single, seamless image.

Rainbow Eucalyptus - Most Colorful Tree in the World

The Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) or Mindanao Gum is the only species of Eucalyptus tree found in the northern hemisphere. As if that weren’t extraordinary enough, the up to 70-m tall tree also shines in the colours of the rainbow: its bark can take on a yellow, green, orange and even purple shading. The multi-coloured streaks on its trunk comes from patches of outer bark that are shed annually at different times, showing the bright-green inner bark. This then darkens and matures to give blue, purple, orange and then maroon tones.It grows naturally in New Britain, New Guinea, Ceram, Sulawesi and Mindanao. Now, this tree is cultivated widely around the world, mainly for pulpwood used in making paper, and also for ornamental purposes. | Site Maintained by Shyam Srinivas | Admin Login
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