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You can't really Cry in Space

You can do some pretty cool things in space. Like float in zero gravity, or eat in zero gravity Or even tweet in zero gravity. But there are plenty of things you can't do in space. You can't cry in space!!!

The Atlantic picked up on a tweet from the International Space Station, in which astronaut Chris Hadfield explained that our eyes will produce tears in space, but it isn't exactly a pleasant experience. Without gravity, tears don't flow downwards out of the eye and wash away irritants like they do here on Earth. They actually conglomerate into a little ball of liquid that hangs out in the eye. According to Hadfield, space tears sting. When those space tears build up enough liquid mass, they'll actually break free of the eye and float around. Perhaps that counts as non-conventional crying, but who wants to cry when the very act stings the eyes? Astronaut Andrew Feustel got a flake of anti-fogging solution in his eye five hours into a seven hour space walk back in 2011. Tears weren't going to help get it out, so he had to rub his face against a block of foam inside the helmet.

Rare working Apple 1 computer sold for $374,500

A rare Apple 1, the first ready-made personal computer, has sold for $374,500 in an auction at Sotheby's, New York. The computer, consisting only of a naked motherboard, with primitive microchips and circuitry exposed, is thought to be one of only around half a dozen working examples of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak's first hardware. The price was considerably more than Sotheby's estimate of $180,000 and sets a new record for a sale of one of the machines. It's estimated that of the Apple 1 original 200, only around 50 remain, and only six of those are known to be in working condition.

World Record for Longest Married Couple

In an age where few marriages endure the test of time, a centurion Indian couple have lived in wedded bliss for 87 years, thus becoming the world's longest married couple. The 107 years old Karam and his wife Katari Chand, 100, who have eight children and twenty eight grandchildren together, say that the key to success is looking after each other in every way possible. From romantic meals to sharing jokes, the couple, who hail from Punjab, India and now live in Bradford ensure that they do little things for each other to keep the romance alive.

World's Oldest Levi's Jeans

Lynn Downey works as a historian for Levi Strauss & Co. in San Francisco and is responsible for Levi's extensive archives of clothing, photographs, posters and artifacts. The jewel in this amazing archive is the world's oldest pair of Levi's - a pair "XX," one-pocket jeans, which date back to 1879 and are valued at $125,000. Unfortunately the archive is not open to members of the public, however there is a permanent display of choice pieces from the collection in the lobby of the Levi's Heaquarters in San Francisco. | Site Maintained by Shyam Srinivas | Admin Login
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