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A street gets covered in bubble wrap to avoid accidents

A street identified as being the most accident prone in Britain, has been covered in bubble wrap to protect residents from harming themselves. Somerville road in Worcester has averaged 10 insurance claims every year for the last decade, so insurance company decided to wrap the whole street up in bubble wrap during January 2010's treacherous weather conditions.

Everything from cars, bins, lamp posts and even garden gnomes were wrapped in over 1,500 sq metres of the safety blanket in a ploy by a car insurance firm to highlight the dangers of driving in the winter. Covering it in bubble wrap was therefore seen as a necessary stunt by one car insurance firm as a way of reminding residents to drive more carefully in the bad weather to prevent more claims being made.

The stunt took over 12 hours to complete and took the efforts of eight men who succeeded in managing to even cover some of the houses with the pop-tastic wrapping.

Cup of coffee looks like an owl

This cup of coffee looks so much like an owl. At first glance we would think it was photoshopped, but upon further investigating we would find it’s the real deal. This owl hiding out in a coffee cup made a big splash when British conceptual artist Stuart Rutherford let him fly all over Twitter with the message "Who'd a thunk dunking a couple of Hula Hoops in your coffee would be so beautiful."

This wise old bird is actually the result of two yummy Hula Hoops (a cylindrical potato snack beloved by British kids for their ability to fit on little fingers like tasty, salty rings) plunked into a cup of joe.

Hand Carved Tire Art By Wim Delvoye

It’s hard to believe that each one of these used car tires is hand-carved by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. The collection of tires features intricate pattern work with various motifs, like floral and Art Deco. He does an incredible job working with the original shape of each tire when designing each pattern. Wim Delvoye manipulates found objects with painstaking hand carving, or by burning the materials with a soldering iron. The tires used range in thickness, texture and diameter, based on their former use. Can’t imagine how much time and patience each one took.

Amazing art on eggshells by Artist Franc Grom

Creating a work of art is such a delicate process it can feel as if every step is like walking on eggshells. Imagine how intense the process would be if eggs were literally your canvas. Franc Grom crafts beautiful, lacelike sculptures into egg shells, inspired by traditional Slovenian design. Each egg contains 2,500 to 17,000 tiny holes.

Grom starts his process by poking holes in the top and bottom of the shell and blowing out the liquid. He then creates the designs for his eggs by freehand, using only his imagination and a tiny electric drill. Grom's attention to detail accentuates the eggshell's delicate nature, creating fragile vessels that light up from within. | Site Maintained by Shyam Srinivas | Admin Login
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