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Eco Urinal - A solution to save water

To save water, Eco Urinal is designed to use the water that was used for washing hands to flush the urine. By this process, we don’t have to use water twice after using the urinal. Moreover, it reduces the establishment expenses by optimizing the materials. Upper space of this urinal is made with glass, and it helps to secure a clear view for users. It also promotes people to keep their sanitation because people need to wash their hands to flush the urine after use.

182 Square feet Apartment at Seattle

Talk about optimizing space, Steve Sauer in Seattle has transformed 182 Square feet into a space saving condo. Steve's design divided the condo in 3 living levels that include 2 beds, storage for 2 bikes, a full kitchen, a bathroom with a shower. Our favorite is the hidden tub that’s built into the floor in the hallway.

Land Peel by Shin Yamashita

Land Peel by Shin Yamashita from the Kyoto Institute of Technology. It is a three piece mat that can be lifted and tucked away to match the user’s needs. You can make it a seat, table or just a regular mat to fit your needs whether it be to study, eat, or chill out.

Carpet made out of Cigarette stubs

As you can see in the above image, it is not that easy to make out whether the woven carpet utilizes standard textile or is an outcome of an artist's painstaking efforts. Spotted at the Sharjah Biennale, the carpet created by a Puerto Rican artist, Jesus Bubu Negron utilizes numerous yellow and white cigarette stubs. Asking the street cleaners to collect used cigarette butts for his piece of art, the latter showed exceptional skills in sieving and hooking these butts up to create the woven carpet. The carpet utilizes the paper of the cigarettes unrolled and layered on top of each other. | Site Maintained by Shyam Srinivas | Admin Login
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