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EXPECTATION of Lecturers!!!

They teach us how to prepare "PLAIN RICE" in class
Expect us to cook "BIRYANI" in exam!!!

What is Willpower?

Its When you see 95 notifications, 35 msgs and 25 friend requests on facebook but still you Click "LOG OUT"...

Don't dig the Ground!!!

An old farmer wrote a letter to his innocent son in prison: "This year I'm unable to plant potatoes because I can't dig the ground. I know if you were here you would've helped me."

Son Replied: "Don't dig the ground, I have hidden the guns there."

Police read the letter, next day the ground was dug by the police, searched for guns but nothing was found.

Son wrote again: "Now plant your potatoes dad, it's the best I could do from here."

Hide and Seek game by Scientists

Scientist were playing "Hide and Seek". It was Einstein's turn to seek. All the scientists went to hide except Newton. He simply drew a square of 1 metre square and stood inside the square. Einstein finished counting and spotted Newton.

He screamed,"I found Newton"

Newton calmly replied,"No you are wrong I am Newton standing inside square of 1 metre square; which makes me Newton per meter square, which equals to 'Pascal'"

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