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Please Leave me, I want to Study!!!

When I was Studying

My Mom Was calling me, But I did not respond

I was deeply involved in Studies But she Called me again and again

I shouted "Please Leave me to Study, My exam is near please I want to Study, I want to Study"

My Mom Slapped me and said:

Stop Dreaming "Wake up and Study!!!"

Wedding ring found on carrot after 16 years

A Swedish woman named Lena Paahlsson lost her wedding ring long back in 1995. She took it off while baking and never found it. The ring was searched meticulously back then, even beneath the floor tiles.

Here’s the bizarre part; the ring turned up recently, 16 years after she lost it. Lena was picking up carrots in her garden recently, and found the ring stuck in the middle of a carrot. The ring was donning a carrot which was pretty unbelievable. What can be deduced is that 16 years back the ring might have fallen into the sink with the vegetable peelings. The peelings might have composted beneath the earth, but the ring stayed; only to appear again after 16 years.


A Sweet demand by a kid

A kid was beaten by his mom.

Dad came and asked, what happen son?

Kid said, I cant adjust with your wife anymore, I want my own.

Searching for the most Beautiful Girl

Boy: I'm searching for the most Beautiful Girl!!!

Girl: Look I came for you...

Boy: That's Nice! Now help me to find Her!!! | Site Maintained by Shyam Srinivas | Admin Login
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