Apple Store at Shanghai, China

The architects of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson turned the entrance of Apple Store from Shanghai in a spectacular glass cylinder which captivates the whole attention of the exterior space. The concept was simple, they wanted to express the slogan of Apple: "Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication". Not treated like a barrier between employees and customers, the glass creates the psychological effect to perceive that everything could be accessible to you. The stares are fixed to an interior small cylinder also from glass, so they appear to visitors like they're floating.

Volkner Mobil Ultra Luxury Motorhome

The Volkner Mobil Ultra Luxury Motorhome, comes complete with a fully-fledged kitchen, a high-end entertainment system, and even a secret storage space designed to tuck away a supercar! All of this luxury starts at a price tag of around £750,000 and rises to a fully-loaded £1.2million depending on the buyer’s own choice of fixtures and fittings. The 40ft long rolling home is something a touring rockstar would be proud of, and has certainly wowed the crowds at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The hidden garage is nestled between the front and rear wheels of the vehicle, and is designed to accommodate a low riding sports car such as a Lamborghini or Ferrari. The access door to the cool compartment opens easily at the press of a button situated on a side panel that causes the hatch to open and the cargo floor to drop to ground level to allow the car to be loaded. 

Telephone Sheep Exhibit by Artist Jean Luc Cornec

Artist Jean Luc has put old landline telephones to good use with his sculptures titled "Telephone Sheep". The series explores how fast technology is moving and how we can put old things to good use. The sculptures use the hand dialing base as the head, the cords as their wool and the earpiece as their feet. The "Telephone Sheep" exhibit was displayed at the Museum of Telecommunication in Frankfurt.

Artwork using Toilet Paper Rolls by Sakir Gökcebag

You will be surprised to witness the art by Sakir Gökcebag who has used his creativity to turn the toilet paper rolls into surprisingly beautiful forms and patterns, creating an urban and minimalistic installation.

With household objects working as his unusual medium, Gökcebag’s pieces often result from a close observation of their form and function. He then arranges multiples of the object, playing with their intrinsic qualities to create repetitive geometric patterns which are truly captivating. The normality of the object is quickly overcome by the creative and often beautiful ways in which we see them arranged.

This is not the first time Sakir discovers a way to reveal the artistic potential of the ordinary every-day objects laying around us. Previously, he has also used brooms, umbrellas, clothes hangers, clocks and such.

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