Artwork using Toilet Paper Rolls by Sakir Gökcebag

You will be surprised to witness the art by Sakir Gökcebag who has used his creativity to turn the toilet paper rolls into surprisingly beautiful forms and patterns, creating an urban and minimalistic installation.

With household objects working as his unusual medium, Gökcebag’s pieces often result from a close observation of their form and function. He then arranges multiples of the object, playing with their intrinsic qualities to create repetitive geometric patterns which are truly captivating. The normality of the object is quickly overcome by the creative and often beautiful ways in which we see them arranged.

This is not the first time Sakir discovers a way to reveal the artistic potential of the ordinary every-day objects laying around us. Previously, he has also used brooms, umbrellas, clothes hangers, clocks and such.


Keret House - The World's Narrowest House

Keret House was designed by Jakub Szczesny of Warsaw-based studio Centrala, it is the world's narrowest house. Keret House is fully functional space in which one can live as well as create. The House is located on the plot measuring 92 centimeters in its narrowest point and 152 centimeters in its widest point. It is located between buildings at Chlodna 22 Street and Zelazna 74 Street. The house itself is 72 centimeters in the narrowest and 122 centimeters in the widest point.

Incredible Miniature Paper Sculptures

Peter Callesen is an outstanding artist in miniature paper sculptures. Peter Callesen transforms paper into playful sculptures, people, animals, and nature motifs. Peter Callesen sees the A4 white sheet of paper as "a material that we are all able to relate to and at the same time the A4 paper sheet is neutral and open to fill with different meaning." His ability to use the same paper in different ways creates magical and, at times, seemingly unbelievable results.

World Record for Longest Married Couple

In an age where few marriages endure the test of time, a centurion Indian couple have lived in wedded bliss for 87 years, thus becoming the world's longest married couple. The 107 years old Karam and his wife Katari Chand, 100, who have eight children and twenty eight grandchildren together, say that the key to success is looking after each other in every way possible. From romantic meals to sharing jokes, the couple, who hail from Punjab, India and now live in Bradford ensure that they do little things for each other to keep the romance alive. | Site Maintained by Shyam Srinivas | Admin Login
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