Most Expensive Wines

Can you guess which the most expensive wine in the world is? Today’s sophisticated people have unquenchable taste and craving for wines. Passion for wines is not novel to the cultured world. Other than drinking wines, people also like to gather them. Some get attracted by the brands, some for bottles and some look for the wine’s origin. At the end, super-expensive exceptional vintages are the costliest. Here is an interesting list of costliest wines in the world
1. Chateau Lafite 1787
It was auctioned at Christie’s London for $160,000. This exclusive bottle of wine bears Ambassador of France, Thomas Jefferson’s initials engraved on the glass, which was a common practice in the 18th century for large purchases from the Chateau.

2. Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1945
An elite wine sold in six bottles was priced for $310,000 making a single bottle cost for nearly $60,000. Jeroboam Mouton Rothschild 1945 is certainly genuine in flavor and quality. Jeroboam is a typical wine featuring a very rare Mouton Rothschild label by Baron Philippe de Rothschild. It also holds a “V” mark standing for victory and end of Second World War.

3. 1784 Chateau d’Yquem
It is a leading Cru Superieur wine coming from Sauternes region of the Bordeaux vineyards. The highest price fetched was $56,588 makes it the third most expensive wine. It received rave appraisals from around the world for defeating the world’s most excellent wines.
4. Massandra Wine Sherry de la Frontera 1775
It is Massandra Wineries collections oldest wine. This wine fetched an outrageous amount of $43,500 for a single bottle at its auction at Sotheby’s London in 2001. Massandra’s vault contains about a million bottles of Western European and Russian wines and this was the oldest of the Western European assortment.
Most of the finest wines having far-fetched prices are sold at auctions. These wines draw astonishing prices at auctions mainly due to the excitement attached with each of these bottles and severe competition at the time of auction.

Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Which is the most dangerous bridge in the world? The one at the highest crossing in the world, or one with weak structure! Well, maybe both of these. Bridges are used for crossing over a hurdle such as gorge or river. Here are some of the most dangerous and precarious bridges in the world.

1. Inca Rope Bridge
The bridge is situated in the southern province of Kanas, and made of special herbs through manual labor. The structure made of ropes spans 366 meters and is renovated every year by the local inhabitants. They are a simple suspension type bridge used for crossing deep rivers, gorges to facilitate travel within the Inca Empire and were an integral part of its road network. Supported by plaited branches and cables made of grass these bridges could sustain pressures of speeding horses and carts.
2. Hussaini – Borit Lake, Pakistan
The Hussaini-Borit Lake Bridge in Northern Pakistan is a major tourist spot for sheer thrills. Built on Hussaini Borit Lake, no authentic record is available of its creator. This picturesque piece of engineering is considered among the most dangerous bridges in the world because of the difficulty it poses while crossing. This is because of the instability in balance and wide spacing of the wooden planks to step on. The bridge swings viciously due to winds and travelers risk the chance of being thrown off in the water to possible death. It is located close to the village Passu surrounded by small hamlets.
3. Glen Nevis Wire Rope Bridge
It is a fine-looking bridge and popular in Lochaber, Scotland, having Fort William located at its base. It is surrounded by the Mamore range in the south, while Ben Lewsi which is the highest mountains located in the British Isles, cover the north.,
It has one of the three highest waterfalls in Scotland named Steall Falls, where the Allt Coire a’Mhail meets Nevis in the glen. Glen Nevis is a picturesque and well-liked glen in Lochaber, Highland, Scotland
4. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge
The famous Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge spans a chasm 80 feet deep. Earlier its structure had only one cable hand bar and broadly placed planks which enabled the people to go across. The single hand bar was later substituted with two hand bar bridge. The existing one was set up as an additional security measure.Though there is no major accident on record, on many occasions visitors had to be evacuated as they were unable to walk back over the bridge. Constructed to serve the requirement of local fisher folk, the uniqueness of its construction made it a tourist destination. | Site Maintained by Shyam Srinivas | Admin Login
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